Strategery Rev

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Application (Game) - Strategery - $1.99 US - 4 IV's What is Strategery? Strategery is a fast-paced game of world domination built from top to bottom for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  You can play against the computer or your friends (up to five players in pass n' play mode) for an epic battle of strategy and risk.  This is a tricky game of offensive and defensive strategy.  Overall, this is just a fun and well designed "time waster"! What Did You Not Like about Strategery? Can't complain at all! You get what you expect - a simple game to zone out with, this game fits the bill. This is the kind of game that will turn friend against friend, brother against brother, you get the point. How do you play? Dots in countries represent armies.  If you attack a neighbor country, you both roll a dice.  If you win, your armies take over the attacked country to expand your empire.  When your turn ends you get new armies for each country in your largest unbroken cluster.  You win when you control all countries.  It's simple, yet addictive. Features as listed by the developer:

  • Challenging game of offensive and defensive strategy
  • Play for a couple minutes or a couple hours (it's pretty addictive)
  • Four difficulty settings, ranging from "Easy" (for the strategically impaired) to "Brutal" (risk being humiliated)
  • Online battles with push notifications and random matchmaking!
  • Pass-and-play multiplayer (up to 5 players)
  • Automatically saves your game to resume later
  • Randomly generated maps (four sizes) make every game a unique challenge
  • TONS of gameplay options to tailor the game to your preferences

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