iOS Phishing Scam

iOS Phishing Scam


iOS is the safest and most secure mobile device operating system due to careful vetting by the folks at Apple. Developers must adhere to strict guidelines in order for an app to be released to the App Store for the public, but every now and then a nefarious one can make its way through.

In a new phishing scheme, the Apple ID and Password pop-up is being deployed in seemingly regular apps. The dialog box has a striking resemblance to the iOS system prompt for Apple ID and Password. Without realizing, the user can be handing over important information to a 3rd party. 




So how can you tell if it's a system prompt or a phishing attack? Use the home button to quit that app. If the app closes, and the dialog disappears, it is a scheme to get your account information (we suggest deleting the app and reporting it to Apple). If the app closes, but the dialog box remains visible, it is a system prompt. To be on the safe side do not enter your credentials into the popup. Tap Cancel and navigate to Settings > tap on Apple ID > Enter password

If you're still unsure about what to do, stop by your nearest iHospital. Our iDevice technicians will be more than happy to assist you by safely signing into your account.