Software Repair

iHospital's Software Repair Service

Certain situations arise that will require an iDevice to be restored to factory settings: A forgotten password punched in too many times, thus resulting in a disabled device. Loss of power half-way through an update, which leaves it in limbo. Or perhaps you simply want to wipe your device to sell or give to someone else...

No matter the reason, we are here to help. The Doctors of iDevice (D.i.D) at iHospital are able to use different methods to restore an iDevice when the "normal" way isn't an option. All content and settings are erased as if the device is brand new. This process will result in a complete loss of data if there is no backup.

Have a backup? Great! After the operating system is freshly installed there will be an option to restore data and settings from a previous iTunes or iCloud backup. No backup? No worries! Read more about iHospital's Data Backup & Recovery Services.