iPod Classic

iHospital's iPod Classic Services

The iPod Classic is arguably the most favored iPod. Sadly, it is no longer manufactured by Apple. However, iHospital is able to keep your Classic alive and well. iHospital doctors are the best in small part repairs for iPod, which usually preserves data and is cheaper than buying a new device.

iHospital backs its parts and labor with industry standard Manufacture Warranties. You'll be covered from any defects or flaw no matter the age of the device. There's no appointment requirement for any repair or service at iHospital. Skip the long lines and noisy crowds; bring your device by today for free diagnosis. You'll be glad you did!

Available Repair Services:

LCD Replacement
Headphone Jack Replacement
Battery Replacement
SSD Replacement
Logic Board Replacement
Click Wheel Replacement
Front Panel Replacement
Software Repair
Data Recovery/Transfer/Backup
Liquid Damage Cleaning