Mac Memory and Storage Upgrades

iHospital's RAM & Drive Services

Did you know Apple stops servicing Macs after 5 years of age?! At iHospital, we treat all Macs equally. Keep your Mac running like it's new with memory and storage upgrades. iHospital includes a 1-Year Manufacture Defect Warranty for both RAM and Hard Drive/Solid State Drive upgrades. Stop by your local iHospital today for free diagnosis and price quote. No appointment necessary.

RAM Upgrade
Mac running slow? Getting the "spinning beach-ball of death" more frequently? iHospital can upgrade the memory (RAM) in your Mac, which allows the computer to do more at once. This is an ideal upgrade for anyone who loves to multitask!

Drive Upgrade & Data Transfer
If you're running out of storage space, or if you've noticed your Mac running a little sluggish, we suggest a hard drive or solid state drive upgrade. In addition to giving you more space to save documents and data, upgrading the drive will improve upon the computer's responsiveness. This is especially true of solid state drives, which are rapidly becoming the industry standard storage option in desktop and notebook computers.

iHospital also replaces failing/failed hard drives. No backup? No worries! We include free data transfer on drive upgrades.* The files are copied from the old drive to the new drive like nothing bad ever happened....we strongly encourage backing up your Mac in the future though!

*Data recovery is not included with a standard drive replacement, an additional fee will be required. See iHospital's Data Recovery Services below.